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Rhino Dollars 

A documentary thriller about one of the world’s most profitable illegal trades: Rhinoceros horn. At 50,000 euros per kilo, it sells for a higher price than gold or cocaine on the black market. When crushed into a powder and mixed with alcohol, it is said to be a miracle cure.

Above all, it has become a symbol of wealth and social status in Asia, a gift for influential people, an instrument of corruption. The rhino horn illegal trade is an incredible cash machine in the hands of organized crime, involving shady corporations and politicians. Trafficking has spread to all continents and threatens the biodiversity of our planet, along with the national and economic security of multiple countries.
This investigation reveals the underside of this high-stakes battle to save the rhinoceros and how – all around the world – detectives, scientists and police officers sometimes risk their lives to take on the criminals behind this trade. Using methods straight out of a spy novel, they track suspects and infiltrate the sophisticated crime gangs who threaten the species with extinction.

Sound : Thomas Van Pottelberge

A film by Olivia Mokiejewski & Philipp Hattingh

Production : Yellow Fox, TV Press & ARTE France

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